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    We are CASA BIKES. We bring US customers the best bicycle products from Mexican brands. Our company was created in 2020 during the supply chain shortage. At the time we ran an online bike store selling bikes, accessories, apparel, and parts. For the first time in decades, it was nearly impossible to get the product we needed. It made us look for alternatives from wherever we could find them. Our search led us to Mexico where we discovered a booming industry and a lot of really cool brands and products, many which surpassed the quality that we were accustomed to. But for some reason, all of these amazing products were being ignored outside of Latin America.  

    We decided that we HAD to make it our mission to bring these brands and their products to the US. CASA BIKES was born out of that ambition. We work with Mexican brands to identify products in their catalogs that are of exceptional quality, we pick the products we like, and we get feedback from our customers to see what excites them the most. What we feature represents only the best of the best Mexico has to offer. 

     We are excited for you to see, touch, and experience these amazing products. They feature unique designs. Everything you’ll find on our website is made with passion and a sense of pride by hard-working Mexicans and Indigenous Peoples of Mexico.