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    Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid 500 Bakfiets Bucket Bike, Top Speed 20mph

    Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid 500: Your All-in-One Urban E-Cargo Solution

    German-Engineered for Supreme Performance and Versatility

    Embrace the Power and Flexibility of the Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid 500, the ideal cargo bike for a variety of needs – from transporting kids and grocery hauls to managing deliveries in the bustling streets of Canadian cities like Ottawa and Winnipeg. This bike is not just a mode of transport; it's a robust, versatile partner in your daily life.

    Crafted for Maximum Load and Stability:

    • Hefty Load Capacity: With an impressive 220 KG (485 lbs) load capacity, the Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid 500 is adept at carrying heavy loads, ensuring stable handling and outstanding performance, even when fully loaded.
    • German Design: Its design roots in Germany contribute to the incredibly stable handling, guaranteeing that even the most substantial loads are transported with ease and efficiency.

    Unmatched Power and Efficiency:

    • Award-Winning Bosch Drive Unit: Powered by the 4th Generation Bosch Cargo Line drive unit, this bike boasts 85Nm of torque, offering awesome acceleration and excellent hill-climbing capabilities, tailored to the unique demands of cargo bike riders.
    • Long-Lasting Battery: The Bosch PowerPack lithium-ion battery is removable and easily swappable, extending your range between recharges, making it perfect for longer trips in cities like Ottawa or Winnipeg.

    One Size Fits All:

    • Flexible ONE SIZE CONCEPT: This unique feature makes the Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid 500 incredibly versatile, suitable for family members, partners, friends, and colleagues, with a height range of 5'2" to 6'2" (1.60m to 1.90m). The step-through frame and adjustable saddle and stem ensure a comfortable ride for all.
    • Universal Platform: A perfect companion for various lifestyles, this bike offers a universal platform ideal for sharing or personal use, accommodating everyone’s needs with ease.

    Superior Components for a Superior Ride:

    • Top-Notch Suspension and Tires: Experience a smooth ride with the front suspension and Schwalbe Pick-Up Super Defense tires, ensuring comfort and safety on all terrains.
    • Reliable Braking System: German-made Magura CME hydraulic disc brakes provide incredible stopping power in all weather conditions, essential for the varied climates of Canadian cities.
    • Stability When Parked: The heavy-duty dual leg Cargo Kickstand offers stability and convenience whenever you need to park the bike.

    Transform Your Urban Mobility

    Whether you're in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto or any other Canadian city, the Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid 500 redefines urban transportation. It's an affordable, high-quality German-engineered cargo bike that promises reliability, versatility, and enjoyment for all riders.

    Top Speed: 20 mph