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    KMA Baja Vent 40L Duffle Bag Backpack for Hiking or Cycling *Freeride Edition*

    The BAJA VENT is a collaboration between KMA and a team of professional MTB racers. It was created to be the perfect companion for any adventurer who wants takes their equipment with them to their next journey. 

    The unique feature of the BAJA VENT is the superior ventilation that protects your clean items from the dirt, mud, sweaty and any other unwanted moisture that your action items may pick up. Let's face it. Sometimes having fun also means getting a little dirty, but when its time to go, the Baja Vent's ventilated wet/dry area will allow you to store those items while allowing them to be exposed to outside air to breathe (and dry). Worrying about moisture or bad odors in your helmet, knee pads or other sports equipment will be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, you'll still have plenty of room for tools, hydration and other accessories in your bag. Plus with the multi-use straps, you'll be able to transport your gear in duffle mode or backpack mode.


    • 40L Capacity
    • Ventilated Wet Dry Compartments
    • Heavy Duty Fabric and Zipper
    • Comfortable Mesh Backpack/Duffle Straps

    Whether it is bags, hydration packs, storage cases, or coolers, KMA makes practical, high-quality gear to bring with you on any outdoor adventure. KMA is dedicated to making outdoor accessories the remove your limitations. Mauricio Sepulveda Franco, founder of KMA, has been an outdoor enthusiast for years. Mountain biking, surfing, hiking, skating, and longboarding are his lifelong passions. KMA was born out of a love for those activities and the people who want to have products that are made for what they do. While most gear manufacturers simply convert their current designs to meet the needs of outdoor customers, Mau and his team design their products from the ground up with the outdoor adventurer in mind. As a result KMA boasts some of the most thoughtful well-designed outdoor products you can find. They are not just high-quality products. KMA makes their gear bomb-proof, long-lasting and a whole bunch of other hyphenated multi-syllable adjectives. When you purchase a KMA product, you are guaranteed to be getting at least one feature in your product that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether that is our wet/dry duffel bag with a vented drying for your dirty things and a waterproof compartment for your clean things, or our soft-shell cooler with a built-in bottle opener. 

    KMA seeks to  honor the performance of your activities, allowing you to carry everything you need with you and protecting your equipment, wherever you go: whether sea, mountain, or street. Our main objective is to improve your experience when performing the sports you love, for this reason we offer products with the best quality, function, and style.

    BEHIND THE NAME: KMA is an abbreviation of the Hawaiian word "kuma." In ancient Hawaiian tradition, the kuma is a red fish that holds special significance. Hawaiians would catch the fish, and after making a prayer, they would place it as an offering in the trunk of a tree. This ritual was an important step in giving thanks to each tree that would be used to create an iconic tool, a tool and a sport that defined the Hawaiian way of life: a surfboard.



    • Two side spaces with waterproof materials and a ventilation system, one for a helmet and another for tennis shoes, knee pads, gloves and other protections.
    • Dry wet
    • #10 Zipper: Resists snags, dust and maintains smooth handling.
    • Internal mesh spaces for better organization of your accessories.
    • External organizer for keys, wallet, tools, spare parts and more
    • Internal dividers for underwear and socks.
    • Grip mode with removable shoulder pads and side grip.
    • Mesh shoulder pads and chest grip.
    • Ventilation system to prevent odors.
    • Ample internal space to store your hydration equipment.
    • Exterior:  Poly 600x600D or PVC with internal branching
    • Inside:  Poly 250x250D
    • .70kg
    • 9.4"/24cm tall x 12.2"/31cm wide x 18.9"/48cm deep, 40 LITERS